Real Estate Marketing Plan in Future Islamabad, Pakistan

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Nowadays in Pakistan real estate industry in the booming phase. The prices are expected to rise in near future in the real estate market. According to the state of the real estate marketing, several people are considering that its best time to invest in real estate of Pakistan. Various realtors and organization are involved in buying different projects of twin cities like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi is in high demand that is going to take years to complete. From 2017 onward, the property investment in the real estate marketing plan started rising up after the implementation of the government tax scheme. Lets We start about real estate marketing plan the for future,

As per this initiative currently in 2019, many people are concerned about the real estate market. Considering the state of the market, it has been analyzed according to research there are various affected properties from 2017 to 2018 and luxury properties in one of them which have over prices 2 crores. Furthermore, 5-3 Marla is the less affected properties in the real estate sector. It’s under the cycle of 5 lack already developed and well-populated area


Initially, the above-mentioned destruction has been acknowledged as a warning by developers and investors. According to result, the developers are exerting to distribute different project efficiently and effectively. Moreover, several average investors are taking interest in nearest projects because of downfall in the prices as per outcome the sales of flat and apartments have been increased.


Being a speculator is a trademark of a good investor. This excellence enables the investor to find good in every circumstance. However, the above mention category of investors will recognize the destruction in the prices as a chance to invest many more properties in which they can see the target audience. For example, investors can turn towards a project like “Islamabad new airport” “DHA” “Bahira town Lahore” “Bahria town Rawalpindi” “Bahria town Karachi” and China Pakistan economic corridor,


According to the law of government to eradicate terrorism its hard work to contain violence in the country, as per outcome. it’s expected that law and order of the country will be improved in the near future. Moreover, the trust between the citizen of Pakistan and investor in the real estate sector will also be built. Most Famous issue raise into Islamabad and Rawalpindi property for sale purchase are Approved for CDA or not So (CDA Approved Societies), it’s a clarification thought in the state of the market which was once a remarkable one in contributing to the GDP.


However, no change is predicted in Pakistan real estate 2019 but we can expect that their prices are retained in near future.  Therefore, it’s not essential that you are selling your properties at a low price. I am sure that this trend will continue in 2019 as well and state of the market will remain positive for the developed sector. Although several things did not happen and the investor would have the desire for best opportunities. Therefore, the buyer should also aware the fact and figures.  the purpose of getting familiar with the current state of the market is to empower you as an investor. Hopefully all the best wishes in future Good luck

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