YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising

Advertising on YouTube is very different from running a PPC or paid social media campaign. The platform has specific creative limitations and lots of options that require some basic knowledge before working on your next video advertising project to take full advantage of your paid opportunities.
Running a series of YouTube ads is one way to make sure more of your target audience finds the video content you’ve produced. And with new formats and tracking capabilities, you can also use this information to get a report on its ROI. We provide the following services regarding YouTube advertisement

Audience Research

To maximize the impact of your YouTube ads, you’ll need to know how to target your specific audience. We select the right target audience for your objectives, like retargeting, in-market and affinity, specific channels, competitor targeting, keyword targeting, and more.
Audience Research

Video Ad Creation

You may spend months perfecting the script, storyboarding, shooting, and editing. And the end result? We put all our years of YouTube Ad content experience to work for you. Whether you’re looking to create a new video or want to expand the reach of your existing video assets, we make it easy to collaborate and get the best YouTube ads in front of your audience.
Video Ads
Running Ad Campaigns for your business

Running Ad Campaigns For Your Business

Uvertise is here to help you grow your business, reach your potential customers, get more purchases, more visits, and more subscribers by creating effective YouTube Ad compaigns for your business.

Analytics & Reports

We work with data-tracking tools to gain insights that pinpoint where each campaign went right (or wrong) and provide valuable reports on Your Campaigns which ultimately leads to improving your YouTube strategy.
Analytics Reports

Campaign Strategy Development

You’re a business owner and you need to get your product out there!
You want to advertise on YouTube, but you don’t know where to start. At Uvertise we specialize in making YouTube campaigns for business owners like you. We know what it takes to make a successful campaign and we can help turn your idea into a reality. Our team of experts will help design and implement an effective YouTube Campaign for getting more views and market traction. We have developed successful campaigns for many customers including entrepreneurs, businesses, startups as well as established companies. And remember, we’re just here to help!
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Advertising Plan

YouTube advertising is not getting the expected ROI for most companies. Uvertise is an agency that can help you get more out of your YouTube advertising plan. We will use our expertise to design and manage your campaign for you, guaranteeing results that meet or exceed your expectations. Getting the best possible return on investment (ROI) when advertising on is no easy task. But Uvertise can help. With years of experience in the industry, we have learned what works best when targeting consumers online, which allows us to develop effective campaigns across a wide range of platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. And remember, we’re just here to help!

Pilot Campaign

You’re working on a pilot campaign for your new YouTube channel, and you want to make sure it goes well. So you need high-quality, engaging content that will draw people in, grow subscribers and result in more views, likes, or shares.
Uvertise is an agency that specializes in creating videos for YouTube Pilot Campaigns. They create popular ‘how-to’ videos like makeup tutorials, cooking lessons, and self-help guides. Their team of experts works with clients to craft the perfect video to meet their needs. We also develop custom campaigns for all of our clients based on their unique business objectives and marketing goals. The result? More exposure for your videos, more subscribers, and more views that bring in more sales!
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Ongoing Campaigns

Using Youtube as a marketing tool can be a difficult task, especially if your business is a newer one. Uvertise provides a solution to the difficulty of using YouTube as a marketing tool. Uvertise campaigns include 1-3 minute videos for your business that are uploaded to different YouTube channels as well as content such as blog posts and articles which help grow your exposure and visibility on YouTube. This allows you to spend less time worrying about creating new content and spend more time growing your business. Uvertise finds a way to connect advertisers with relevant audiences on YouTube.
And remember, we’re just here to help!